Best Carpets for Kids

Carpets for Kids

Toddlers and babies still learning how to walk are prone to falling and slipping. Naturally, if you are a parent, you would go out of your way to prevent unpleasant accidents from happening to your child. Since a baby falling while trying to walk is part of the growing up process, the best thing you can do is guide them and minimize the possibility of them sustaining a serious injury.


Protection is one of the most important benefits of having a carpeted floor. You can trust that your child would still be safe even when the stumbles when the floor is fully carpeted and there’s something to cushion their fall.

Carpets for Kids

But, let’s admit it when children are left playing on the carpet – it could end up in a nightmarish mess. Kids are very likely to spill, stain, and downright abuse the carpeted floor.


No, you don’t have to totally dismiss the idea of having carpets when you have kids – you just have to be more careful when it comes to choosing the right carpet and a little more watchful when it comes to maintaining your carpet.


There’s no such thing as a carpet that’s 100% stain-resistant but there are certain carpet types that are less likely to absorb spills, such as nylon and polyester carpets. Avoid putting natural fiber carpets on your child’s room – natural carpets are extremely absorbent that it would be quite difficult to prevent spilled liquids from seeping into them.


It’s common to find stains on carpet areas where you let your child play, so it would be wiser to choose colors that can disguise stains. Don’t go for light colored carpets.


Although you would want the best for your child, you don’t have to buy expensive carpets for their room at such a young age. Expensive doesn’t always mean better, and there’s a possibility that you would need to replace the carpet soon anyway. So, instead of investing in a pricey carpet, save your money in case you would need new carpets in the future.


Dark colored carpets are ideal for hiding stains, but if you really want to go for lighter shades, you might want to opt for carpet tiles – so if you would encounter any permanent stains, you just have to remove the damaged tiles and have them replaced.


Once you have installed the right carpet on your floors, make sure that you vacuum regularly. Don’t forget to have your carpets cleaned by the professionals twice a year to protect your children from allergens. The carpet cleaning Airdrie residents depend on is Steele Carpet Cleaning. 

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