Our Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning

The tips we are going to share in this article will help you keep your carpets and rug look new. Besides, it will protect your carpet fibers from the wear and tear extending their life.

Vacuum regularly

If you don’t have a busy schedule, we suggest that you vacuum at least once per 7 days. You may want to clean bi-weekly provided you have pets and kids in your house. Regular vacuuming is necessary to remove unwanted soil and dust from your carpet fibers.

Remove spills right away

If you don’t have access to a homemade remover, make sure you put paper towels on the stained area for immediate removal.

Don’t rub

What you need to do is blot rather than rub the area. Rubbing will make it harder for you to remove the stains. Doing so will spread the stain making the problem even worse.

Use heat to remove the candle wax

Candle wax can cause a lot of damage to the carpet fiber. You don’t need to use the scissors in order to remove the wax. You don’t have to opt for this approach. All you need to do is use a blunt knife. You should slide the knife under the wax in order to remove the maximum amount of wax.

Try a stain remover

You can use several methods to make a stain remover. For instance, you can make one using common ingredients, such as white vinegar and baking powder. You can also make use of some general purpose products.

Don’t use too much water

If you really want to hire a rental machine, we suggest that you don’t use too much water. It’s a good idea to consume as little water as you can. Saturated carpets tend to shrink and may stink. Also, excessive use of water may also cause the mold growth.

I hope these tips will  help you clean your carpets the right way. If they don’t it might be time to enlist a professional. We provide the best carpet cleaning Calgary and area has ever seen. 

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